Quadra Privacy Policy

Created and proudly not updated since: January 2021

Hello, I’m Marcin Sudara, creator of Quadra app. The purpose of this page is to inform you about Quadra’s Privacy Policy.

The truth is, Quadra — though a great kitchen timer it isdoes not collect or store any identifiable personal data, on your device or anywhere else. I do not have access, nor I am able to process any of your data. The timers you set in the app will also remain there and there only.

In the unlikely event of — let’s say — Quadra evolving into international cuisine portal collecting all kinds of personal data, or any other event which will make adjustments to this Privacy Policy necessary, I will update this policy. When I will post changes to the policy, I will revise the “Effective Date” seen at the top of this page and will describe the changes in the Change History page.

Hope you enjoy the app!