Energize Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 2022

Hello! The purpose of this page is to inform you about Energize’s Privacy Policy.

Energize does not collect or store any identifiable personal data, on your device or anywhere else. All your timers, goals, statistics, and any other data are stored on your device and on your iCloud account if you have enabled so in your device’s settings. I do not have access nor I am able to process any of your data that could be identifiable.

There’s some unidentifiable data that is processed, however: the only data that is processed is data regarding your purchase information, as I am using a third-party service called RevenueCat to process and facilitate in app purchasing, but this data is anonymous, and I cannot link anonymised information about users to any particular user. The information I am able to see through RevenueCat consists of anonymised data regarding your usage of the app, like:

  • your purchase history regarding Energize
  • your App Store country
  • your OS version and device
  • when you last opened the app

If you’d like to read RevenueCat’s privacy policy, you can do this here. The information is aimed mainly at developers, so may be a bit too technical at times, but gives a thorough and detailed overview of the data collected.

The policy was last updated February 2022 and in any event which will make adjustments to this Privacy Policy necessary, I will update this policy. When I will post changes to the policy, I will revise the “Effective Date” seen at the top of this page and will describe the changes below.

Changes in the policy:

February 2022 – Starting version 1.04 Energize is now free to try, with some additional features unlockable as In-App-Purchase. Since I am relying on a third party provider to facilitate handling of the purchase process (RevenueCat) I am adjusting the policy.

May 2021 – initial version of the policy.