Energize Focus Timer released for Macs with Apple Silicon

Now you can boost your workflow also when working on Apple Silicon Macs — and, as usual, your sessions, progress and so on will be entirely in sync with your other Apple Devices — iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Energize Focus Timer is a pomodoro app for Mac

The update was approved by the Review Team and as of today, it’s now live on the App Store!

A focus timer for Mac? Yes, please!

There are many productivity apps made for MacBook (and other Macs, for that matter). Similarly, there are quite a lot of apps made for time blocking in general or to be used specifically with the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo.

Just as there are myriad productivity apps for Mac. But I hope Energize is not just next pomodoro timer for Mac.

Energize Focus Timer is a pomodoro timer app for Mac and Apple Watch

What makes Energize unique is the seamless experience across the board — whatever your device, your data will be synchronised across and displayed exactly the same thanks to iCloud support. Bug free.

The best focus timer app? The best Pomodoro app?

Long story short: yes, I’d very much like to, though I’m in the beginnings of my coding journey. Nevertheless, I worked hard to make the app look and behave just as I imagined and expected. And I admit, with a certain amount of pride, that I managed to fulfil my expectations. If Pomodoro Technique is your go-to method, I wholeheartedly recommend using Energize.

I’ve created the app because I couldn’t find one that had great visuals, was robust and bug free.

I packed it all in Energize.

Focus timer across Apple Devices. Focus on Mac.

On each device, Apple Silicon Macs included now, the experience is now standalone. For example Apple Watch app has exactly the same features as each and every other version — be it iPhone, iPad or Mac.

You can easily start working on one device and finish your focus session on another, Mac included.

MacBook is still viewed as geared towards more professional use, and I believe Energize is perfectly cut for the job. It’s a great choice whether you’re:

  • finally pushing that Apple Silicon update for App Store approval
  • writing a blog post about the update
  • coding Energize…
  • … or any other app
  • freelancing
  • doing anything that requires focus.

If you’d like to visit Energize App Store page you can do it here.

Just to let you know: this website nor Energize app are not affiliated with, associated with, or endorsed by the Pomodoro Technique® or Francesco Cirillo.