About me

I’m a strong believer in lifelong learning. In fact, I suspect, that once you stop learning, you cease to live.

And I’ve studied a lot in my life.

I’ve majored in Japanese language, focusing on efficient learning methods. Later, I went on to adapt Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig into Polish language, which made me the youngest author in the publishing house.

Some time later, I’ve submitted my resume to what sounded like a dream job, and – after many, many levels of screenings and tests – I’ve become an air traffic controller, contrary to my previous education. And, again, had to learn a lot during intensive course, from scratch.

Later I’ve come to teach future pilots and future air traffic controllers, and became the youngest instructor in my unit.

When the pandemic struck I’ve decided I’ll learn to code, and after a few months published my first app on Apple App Store. At the time of writing this entry, the count is up to two apps, and I’m especially proud of my second one.

I believe that with proper motivation, organisation and effort anyone can learn anything under any conditions. Shift work, babysitting, full time job, long commutes to work – doesn’t matter. I hope to share the knowledge how on this website.

In my spare time I play classical guitar, Irish flute and practice European swordsmanship. And I try to apply effective learning principles in each of these fields. And to find joy in that!