You can learn anything

Hello! I’m Marcin, a lifelong learner.

I write about various strategies to help you learn anything (stay tuned!) and I make apps for Apple Devices.

In my life I’ve studied a lot of wildly different things. I’ve learned (and taught!) Japanese, became an air traffic controller (with no aviation background) and later came to teach future controllers and future pilots.

I believe that applied, targeted and practical learning can make a huge impact on your life.

In 2021, in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic (and unsure where my job was going) I decided on pursuing a dream I had for a while – making apps for Apple Devices. And the next year I was offered a programmer job.

At the same time my apps were receiving pretty good reviews, and have already managed to cover their development costs.

I consider that quite a good achievement, since I did that without any previous programming experience, working a full time job and without sacrificing my family life.

I managed to do this, because I already knew how to learn.

(oh, and by the way: if you’d like to check my apps out I would be delighted)

Why should you learn and keep on learning?

  • You build a skill that makes you sought after on the job market – like knowing a language or how to code
  • …or you build a skill that allows you to enjoy your free time (like playing the guitar or fencing).
  • Mastering a skill presents you with many opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. At some point, even knowing how to learn quickly and efficiently can be a valuable skill in itself!

There’s one more thing. Most of the things I studied, I learned by myself.

I believe that focused, persistent and thoughtful effort is enough to learn anything on your own.

That gives you flexibility in your learning. Learning independently allows you to be more selective in your material. When done right, it allows you to learn anything you want, faster and cheaper – if not outright free.

When done right, learning on your own brings you both freedom and power.

Learning is the only real superpower. It can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment…

… and it can be a gateway to a better life.

That doesn’t mean the journey is easy – far from it, it’s more demanding, because you have to be both the traveler and your own guide at the same time.

And that’s exactly why I made this website – to help you on your path.