Energize Focus Timer

Energize is a beautiful focus timer

Made for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch…

…with seamless , perfect sync through iCloud….

…and just a little bit of sci-fi touch.

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Energize is made for work, studying, freelancing, music practice and any other area of your life where you would benefit from focusing and organising your effort.

It allows you to set goals and motivates you to fulfil them by displaying your progress in a form of gorgeous sci-fi flavoured themes that change along the way and a bolt of energy that gets more and more charged as you complete your goal.

Gain more focus by starting the timer at the beginning of a session and prevent yourself from overworking by applying breaks in between the sessions.



  • Set goals and see progress towards them at a glance
  • Tailor session length, short and long break length, sessions per round (until long break) and daily goals to your needs
  • Simple, beautiful interface with a touch of sci-fi audio visuals and a night mode — all changing as you progress towards your goal
  • All in perfect sync across your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch)
  • Robust features you expect from your mobile devices: timely, reliable notifications, Slide Over and Split View support (iPad) and all the tiny details that make the app not only an invaluable tool but also a joy to use
  • fully standalone Apple Watch app with exactly same functionality and adjusted interface
Download on the App Store